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We are the best choice for getting started. Simplicity of maintenance and assistance along with cost-effectiveness are just a few of the many benefits available.

Smart customizable trading platform

High performance

0 x
Increase in productivity
Institutional clients

Shorter Time to Market

Our customized solutions are based
on ready-to-use components of the trading platform framework. This allows us to deliver complex financial solutions significantly faster when compared to other technology providers.

Unique Set of Components

All our solutions are modular and our
clients can select just the components they need and integrate them into their existing infrastructure.

FinTech Consulting

We provide consulting services
in software architecture,
engineering, UI design,
hardware setup for trading
platforms and data services.

Award-Winning Solutions

The high performance and design of our solutions resulted in our clients being recognized by some of the world’s most prestigious financial industry magazines.

Wealth Management Solutions

Full investment journey designed
with wealth managers

Full investment journey
designed with
wealth managers

Investment Advisory

Enhance investment experiences and get approvals 25x faster, capture risk profile and investment preferences together with your clients in an interactive way. Apply client wishes instantly during the simulation of personalized investment proposals with full
transparency on performance. The Investment Advisory product will guide you to finalize trade orders while running regulatory checks in the background. Automated daily monitoring and reporting will keep your client’s investments in balance and increase your own efficiency.

Key software features

• Portfolio import and historical analysis
• Electronic document processing

• Savings
• Goals tracking

• Investor portal
• Fees management

• Reports autogeneration
• Printed or electronic reporting

• Scanner
• Historical market data
• Benchmarking
• Risk vs return

Money Management Solutions

Platform for creation of
investment products

A tool that allows the launch of CopyTrading and offer investment products for those people who don’t want to trade on their own.

Copy Trading can give them an alternative way to earn money on the financial markets by following the trades of successful traders and earning alongside them.

Key software features

With an investment platform you can offer investment products to all kind of traders and investors. For amateurs and beginners you can offer copy trading as the most simple, yet effective product.

Investors can set a risk limit for each trader they choose to follow. This helps them limit their risks and makes them feel safe and secure. This feeling of safety converts into bigger deposits.

We have more than 100 different settings that can be customized during setup. You can turn on/off in a few clicks in the admin panel the account types that will be available to clients, the fees they can set, what UI elements in the web interfaces they can see, in what groups their accounts can be opened and many more features.

In every brokerage there are not many profitable traders. However, you can offer your clients the chance to follow not only the best ones but also the worst ones using the reverse copy mode. When the signal provider makes a BUY trade, a SELL trade is copied to the investment account.

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Let’s join our team. Start your next career now.
Leave us a message, then we’ll get back to you asap!