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Find your dream careers with us. We are on the
look-out for dynamic individuals that bring energy
and passion to their work. Just like us.

Find your dream careers with us. We are on the
look-out for dynamic individuals that bring energy and passion to their work. Just like us.

Introducing WoxaCorp


We’ve worked hard to build a culture where everyone belongs.
See how we’re working to break the biases in “work-life balance” word and prove it is more than just a buzzword.

what we do?

The biggest financial software and technology system development company in Khon Kaen, North Eastern. For instance, liquidity provider, exchange & trading platforms, web design, market data, etc. International financial companies are most of our clients. With a professional team of financial product developers, we ensure that our software system is well-optimized to impress and deliver real results for your business.

why choose us?

Woxa values employees most. They are the cultural organization's core of driving the company organization forward. To ensure that our employees have the best quality of life, we are dedicated to staffing, developing, and maintaining them. As a family, not just coworkers. We are committed to providing a positive work environment and great collaborative areas to support a relaxed work life and mental health.

who we hire?

The hiring process is an important part of our culture creation that is driven by people. In order to truly build for everyone, we know that we need a diversity of perspectives and experiences. As always, Woxa presents an opportunity to all students studying at any university to join Woxa Camp, Woxa Academy, and Woxa Internship, to be encouraged to think outside the box, be creative, and learn innovations.

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Benefits & Perks

Our friendly, respectful, inclusive and transparent culture means you can always speak up and have an impact. Our ever evolving list of benefits means you’ll be able to achieve a good life balance, stay healthy, grow in your role, look after your family and invest in your future.

Learning & Development

Daily exposure to the new challenges, regular internal knowledge sessions, and help with the professional training or courses.

Health & Wellbeing

Private health insurance, free-chaos office, in-office sports, extra point add-on, and relax zone to support your mental health.

Fair holidays (time off)

Give yourself a break regularly. We insist that you have equal rights to work off when public holidays to unplug and recharge yourself.

Flexible working

Work the way it works for you. As long as your work gets done, we don't put any unnecessary restrictions into place. We trust and want you to do your best ever work while enjoying life.

Equipment and tools

We will support the equipment and tools. Latest MacBooks, all the accessories, and software you need to succeed in your role.


Company-wide retreats, weekly team-wide socials, weekend drinks, sports hangout, board game nights, and other regular get-togethers

Food & Drink

Catered breakfasts and lunches daily, whether coffee or food. Fully stocked fridges, breakfast supplies, fruit, snacks and cold brew on tap.


Be it work anniversaries, birthdays or weddings, national and religious holidays - we like to make a little celebration where the moment of fun!

Start your new path career

Don't let any opportunity waste away.

We’re looking for a new generation with open minds who could be curious to learn new things.
At WoxaCorp, you will find that ideas possibly come alive. You can make a difference.

We’re looking for a new generation with open minds who could be curious to learn new things. At WoxaCorp, you will find that ideas possibly come alive. You can make a difference.






Total hired

Recent Jobs:

Sales Representative

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our sales team and sell our software products. As a Sales Team Representative, you will be responsible for generating leads, prospecting new clients, and closing deals. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a proven track record of sales, and a passion for technology.

more details

- Generate leads and identify potential clients through various channels such as phone calls, emails, and social media platforms.
- Conduct product demonstrations and presentations to potential clients.
- Develop and maintain relationships with existing and potential clients.
- Negotiate and close deals with clients.
- Meet or exceed sales targets and goals on a regular basis.
- Keep up-to-date with industry trends, product features, and competitor offerings.
- High school diploma or equivalent; bachelor's degree preferred.
-1-3 years of sales experience, preferably in software sales.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
- Strong negotiation and closing skills.
- Familiarity with CRM software and sales tracking tools.
- Fluent in Thai and English.

Graphic Designer


Graphic designers create visual text and imagery concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.

more details


- Create and design various materials for social media platforms, newsletters, Google Display Network, and more (Facebook, Instagram, Line, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.)

- Design website and app campaign banners

- Design in-house brand guidelines, and marketing materials

- Basic video editing

- Support UI/UX in any website and application design changes

- Determine the overall message the design should portray, and create images that identify a product or convey a specific message.

- Other ad-hoc duties as assigned by the management


- Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, or Communication Arts

- At least 1 year of working experience in design related

- Social media experience is must

- Brand experience is preferred (know how to follow brand guidelines & have the branding mindset)

- Proficiency in design software, and knowledge of video editing is preferred

- A portfolio that showcases previous work experiences

- Good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop and Illustrator)

- Knowledge in Web Development / Photography / Video Editing will be a plus

- Organized, attentive to details, and able to multitask

- Good learning attitude, independent as well as a team player

- Basic/Intermediate in English


The role of an IT infrastructure engineer is one that requires a deep understanding of computer systems and networks. They are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the hardware and software platforms that support an organization’s day-to-day operations.

more details


- Design Cloud Service used for each project.

- Calculate the required cost to be the most worthwhile

- Design the deployment of each project

- Find new services that are suitable for the project

- Designing a multiple region Cloud system

- Allocate instant resources to suit the system

- Set up a monitoring system for each service and provide appropriate warnings.

- Protect against network attacks such as DDos.

- Optimize the cost of the service that the company is using to be more worthwhile.


- Effective Docker usage. 

- Excellent compatibility with Kubenetes. 

- Excellent ability to leverage Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean. 

- Excellent compatible with Cloudflare. 

- A solid grasp of the network layer. 

- Two years or more of network management experience 

- Having a network certificate will be an advantage


- Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineer, Information Technology Engineer, or any related fields.

- Minimum 2 years of experience or certification in Cloud Service, IT project management and IT Services Management is required.

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both Thai and English

- Technical skills: AWS Cloud, Windows, VMware, Network, DBA, Telephony System are advantages.

- Strong leadership, management, and problem-solving skills.

- Eager to learn both new technologies and soft skills

- Good in coordinating, service mind and troubleshooting

UX / UI designer

UX / UI designer responsible for designing websites and applications. to be distinctive with colors Responding to the problems specified by the customer, where the UX / UI designer must be creative. Have ideas for designing websites or applications to be different, beautiful, easy to use.

more details

- Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers.
- Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps.
- Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs and widgets.
- Build page navigation buttons and search fields.
- Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like.
- Create original graphic designs. (e.g. images, sketches and tables)
- Prepare and present rough drafts to internal teams and key stakeholders.
- Identify and troubleshoot UX problems. (e.g. responsiveness)
- Conduct layout adjustments based on user feedback.
- Adhere to style standards on fonts, colors and images.
- Proven work experience as a UI/UX Designer or similar role.
- Portfolio of design projects.
- Knowledge of wireframe tools. (e.g. and InVision)
- Up-to-date knowledge of design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
- Team spirit; strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders.
- Good time-management skills.
- Bachelor's degree in Design, Computer Science or relevant field.


Recruiters source and reach out to talent and ensure they’re a good fit for the company.

more details


- Work directly within all aspects of the recruitment process end-to-end

- Continuously study the highly competitive software development staff market and plan recruitment strategy accordingly

- Validate and develop as well as review job descriptions on an ongoing basis

- Actively lead the creation of a recruiting plan for each open position, including a selection of recruitment channels

- Develop and maintain a training program for hiring managers to be better interviewers

- Develop, maintain, and conduct a pre-screening process to find qualified candidates

- Match the right candidates with the business needs and the company culture

- Attend events or job fairs for recruiting and company recognition


- Master's or Bachelor’s Degree in HRM, Marketing, Business Administration, Political Science, or other related

- Minimum 1 year of experience in recruitment

- Experience in IT recruitment is a strong plus

- Familiar with the multinational working environment, trustworthy and highly responsible, strong communication skills, good team player, pleasant personality, and mature.

- Open to challenges; Proactive and self-motivated

- Good communication & interpersonal skills

Game Artist

A generalist animator and/or 3D modeler that specializes in creating both 2D and 3D imagery for video games is known as a game artist. Game artists provide expression to the storyline from the storyboard to populate the game’s universe by drawing inspiration from design briefs and concept art.

more details

Job description for a 2D Artist position:
- Design Characters, Backgrounds, and other Assets within the game.
- Work in a team environment.
- Be creative on your own and work with development teams to coordinate, build and test prototypes throughout the development process.
- Ability to draw sketches quickly for research.

- Ability to design Character turnaround sheets in full-scale/SD format and other various formats.
- Ability to create Concept Art/Key Visuals for games and animations.
- Basic understanding of Lighting for concept art and digital painting.
- Fundamental understanding of Anatomy for designing different characters.
- Proficiency in basic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
- Experience working in a team environment, providing constructive critiques and reacting positively to feedback.
- Passion for gaming.
- Experience using Aseprite or Unity is a plus.

- Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, or Communication Arts.
- At least 1 year of working experience in design related.
- Social media experience is must.
- Brand experience is preferred. (know how to follow brand guidelines & have the branding mindset)
- Proficiency in design software, and knowledge of video editing is preferred.
- A portfolio that showcases previous work experiences.
- Good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. (especially Photoshop and Illustrator)
- Knowledge in Web Development / Photography / Video Editing will be a plus
- Organized, attentive to details, and able to multi-task.
- Good learning attitude, independent as well as a team player.
- Basic/Intermedia in English.

Customer Service


Customer Service it is a very necessary position for the company. Because it is a position that has to communicate with customers and help solve problems for customers directly. Therefore, there must be clear communication and knowing how to use words in a good way.

more details

The customer service team focuses on the skills to build and maintain good customer relationships. To help customers have confidence and trust in choosing products and services.
-Follow the interests and understand the needs of the customers.
-Help, present and advise. When customers have problems with products and services
- therefore need people with good interpersonal skills and able to work under pressure
- Have a passion for service
-Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Management, Business Administration or other related fields
- At least 1 year experience in Customer Service
- Able to work under pressure, positive thinking and service-minded
- Good personality and interpersonal skills
- Sociable and good-natured
- Able to travel to other provinces or abroad
- Understanding customers’ needs
- Communication Skills have the skills to communicate in both Thai and English (Will be given special consideration)
- Relationship Building: Having the skills to build and maintain relationships with customers.
- Product Knowledge Have knowledge about the product.
- Remote Work Skills have the skills to work remotely / off-site.
- Collaboration Skills have the skills to work together.
- Understand Omni Channel Marketing, able to use various communication channels and customer service both Offline and Online
“Omni Channel” is a multi-channel and integrated customer service and communication channel, both offline and online. This helps in collecting all customer information. to make accessing customer information easy and fast
- Able to communicate well in English

WordPress Developer


WordPress is software that emphasizes usability, performance, security, and accessibility. You may easily get started because the fundamental WordPress software is clear-cut and straightforward. It also provides strong tools for development and achievement.

more details

- Building and maintaining custom WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress, solving common user problems.
- Ideating, creating, and iterating on new tools to creating a professional website.
- Applying tools that effortlessly create sites on WordPress.
- Maintaining and optimizing WordPress websites specific implementation of ReactJS, the tooling necessary to create using modern JavaScript, and extending/utilizing the WordPress core React components.
- 2-3 years of professional WordPress development experience
- Expert-level knowledge of WordPress Core and theme and plugin development with a strong understanding of all commonly used web technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS.
- Experience creating custom WordPress themes from designs
- Experience with JavaScript and one or more JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React, Angular)
- Experience with custom themes and custom plugin development.
- Experience building e-commerce sites on the WooCommerce framework.
- Experience in creating websites with popular WordPress page builders such as Gutenberg Block, Elementor, WP Bakery page builder, etc.
- Experience with custom API integrations and Netlify CMS.
- Experience with WordPress REST API and GraphQL.
- Experience writing custom PHP when needed
- Strong organizational skills to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets
- Strong programming skills with in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS, including implementing responsive design
- Good understanding of code versioning tools like Git.
- Good at debugging and troubleshooting issues.
- Knowledge of front-end technologies: Vue.js, React.js, and Next.js.
- Able to work with Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Invision, and Figma files.
- Able to produce quality bug-free work.

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Let’s join our team. Start your next career now.
Leave us a message, then we’ll get back to you asap!