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Find your dream careers with us. We are on the
look-out for dynamic individuals that bring energy
and passion to their work. Just like us.

Find your dream careers with us. We are on the
look-out for dynamic individuals that bring energy and passion to their work. Just like us.

Introducing WoxaCorp


We’ve worked hard to build a culture where everyone belongs.
See how we’re working to break the biases in “work-life balance” word and prove it is more than just a buzzword.

what we do?

The biggest financial software and technology system development company in Khon Kaen, North Eastern. For instance, liquidity provider, exchange & trading platforms, web design, market data, etc. International financial companies are most of our clients. With a professional team of financial product developers, we ensure that our software system is well-optimized to impress and deliver real results for your business.

why choose us?

Woxa values employees most. They are the cultural organization's core of driving the company organization forward. To ensure that our employees have the best quality of life, we are dedicated to staffing, developing, and maintaining them. As a family, not just coworkers. We are committed to providing a positive work environment and great collaborative areas to support a relaxed work life and mental health.

who we hire?

The hiring process is an important part of our culture creation that is driven by people. In order to truly build for everyone, we know that we need a diversity of perspectives and experiences. As always, Woxa presents an opportunity to all students studying at any university to join Woxa Camp, Woxa Academy, and Woxa Internship, to be encouraged to think outside the box, be creative, and learn innovations.

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Benefits & Perks

Our friendly, respectful, inclusive and transparent culture means you can always speak up and have an impact. Our ever evolving list of benefits means you’ll be able to achieve a good life balance, stay healthy, grow in your role, look after your family and invest in your future.

Learning & Development

Daily exposure to the new challenges, regular internal knowledge sessions, and help with the professional training or courses.

Health & Wellbeing

Private health insurance, free-chaos office, in-office sports, extra point add-on, and relax zone to support your mental health.

Fair holidays (time off)

Give yourself a break regularly. We insist that you have equal rights to work off when public holidays to unplug and recharge yourself.

Flexible working

Work the way it works for you. As long as your work gets done, we don't put any unnecessary restrictions into place. We trust and want you to do your best ever work while enjoying life.

Equipment and tools

We will support the equipment and tools. Latest MacBooks, all the accessories, and software you need to succeed in your role.


Company-wide retreats, weekly team-wide socials, weekend drinks, sports hangout, board game nights, and other regular get-togethers

Food & Drink

Catered breakfasts and lunches daily, whether coffee or food. Fully stocked fridges, breakfast supplies, fruit, snacks and cold brew on tap.


Be it work anniversaries, birthdays or weddings, national and religious holidays - we like to make a little celebration where the moment of fun!

Start your new path career

Don't let any opportunity waste away.

We’re looking for a new generation with open minds who could be curious to learn new things.
At WoxaCorp, you will find that ideas possibly come alive. You can make a difference.

We’re looking for a new generation with open minds who could be curious to learn new things. At WoxaCorp, you will find that ideas possibly come alive. You can make a difference.






Total hired

Recent Jobs:

Human Resource Management (English Speaking)

The HR & General Affair Manager will be responsible for monitoring the organization’s salary structure and benefit provision, conducting all HR management functions, and working closely with the corporate management team to implement corporate policies and procedures.

more details

- Develop and implement HR strategies, initiatives, system or procedures aligned with the overall business strategy for new company
- Manage end to end of hiring and training processes since workforce planning, job posting, sourcing, screening, interviewing, onboarding and exiting process
- Oversee payroll, compensation and ensure internal equity & compliance and employee benefits
- Assess training need, training master plan and monitoring yearly training complete on timeline
- Ensure appropriate documentation and training reports preparation and submission to government authority within timeline
- Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance
- Ensure legal compliance throughout human resource management
- Ensure smooth running of all administrative functions
- Oversee visa and work permit for an expat staff
- Any tasks that be assigned by manager or/and company
- Able to write complete reports for management.
- Bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration or related field. A master’s degree is a plus
- At least 2 years working experiences in all HR function, including In-depth knowledge of labor laws and regulations
- Strong knowledge of HR principles and having experience or familiar in using “Competency Based Interview” Techniques
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Having a concept of diversity and inclusion, and being a coordinator with multiple culture
Logical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making abilities
- Working with good attitude, proactive, flexibility and time management
- Good Teamwork and be able to work under the pressure
- Having experience with ‘Labor Union’ would be advantage
- Able to travel for work or business trip in domestic or overseas

Human Resource Personnel Management

Our client is well-known in the manufacturing industry and provides packaging solutions worldwide. Ability to evaluate or measure KPIs to consider work efficiency.

more details

- Processing payroll for all employees, ensuring accuracy in hours worked, benefits deductions, and tax withholdings.
- Take care of welfare and proceed with the creation of the Welfare Division in accordance with the law
- Monitoring and maintaining time and attendance records, ensuring adherence to company policies and regulations.
- Ability to evaluate or measure KPIs to consider work efficiency.
- Calculating and withholding payroll taxes, and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local tax regulations.
- Onboarding process by collecting and processing necessary payroll and tax-related documentation for new hires.
- Maintaining and updating employee payroll records and databases, keeping them confidential and secure.
- Collaborating with HR and management to implement strategies for improving employee engagement and morale.
- Delivering training and workshops to managers and employees on conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, and other relevant topics.
- Creating and organizing the activities for Employee Engagement.
- Able to write complete reports for management.
- At least Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Industrial Relations, or a related field.
- Proven experience in HR, with a focus on Payroll and Employee Relations.
- Knowledge of employment laws, regulations, and best practices.
- At least 2 years of working experience in Learning and Development.
- Excellent communication and conflict-resolution skills.
- Strong interpersonal and mediation skills.

Human Resource Learning & Development

Create and implement learning programs focused on competency based development and customize training modules to cater to different employee levels and functions within the organization (Matrix training)

more details

- Create and implement learning programs focused on competency based development.
- Customize training modules to cater to different employee levels and functions within the organization (Matrix training)
- Incorporate various instructional methods and materials, including workshops, e-learning, simulations, and project assignment sessions.
- Conduct assessments to identify the current mindset skill levels of employees and areas that require improvement.
- Analyze organizational needs and trends to align the learning and development programs with business objectives.
- Develop and/or collaborate in the creation of learning materials, resources, and content related.
- Manage and maintain all of the resources to support ongoing learning activities.
- Deliver training sessions or coordinate with internal or external trainers/instructors to ensure effective knowledge transfer and consistent program delivery.
- Collect feedback from participants and stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of mindset development programs.
- Analyze data and make recommendations for program improvements or modifications.
- Maintain records of training attendance, assessments, and evaluations.
- Generate reports to track the progress of learning and development in all areas.
- Able to write complete reports for management.
- Bachelor's degree / Master's degree in Business Administration, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Psychology or a related field.
- Good communication in English both written and spoken
- At least 2 years of working experience in Learning and Development.
- Experience in petroleum/petrochemical or related business is advantageous.
- Strong interpersonal communication, persuasion and creative problem-solving skills.

International Content Creator

Content Creator

A content creator is a content creator. or as we transliterate that content, regardless of what form or platform. It can be content on online platforms or social media, or it can be content offline as well.

more details

- Follow the news Write about financial markets. Any field that you are good at, such as funds, stocks, financial technology, global technology, new investments, or new fintech.
- Create your own unique portfolio. have a passion for their own works Produce results quickly. Graphics can be decorated and don't have to be very good. But emphasizing understanding.
- Create content that attracts customer groups and targets them professionally.
- Knowledge, ability, or understanding in any area such as Photoshop, Animation, 3D, or video editing will be an advantage.
- Bachelor's degree Not limited to the fields of study graduated.
- Good command of English at a professional level.
- Understand how each social media platform work.
- Organizational and time management skills.
- Able to work under pressure and high level of self-motivation and adaptability.
- Having knowledge of Fintech is a plus.

Game Designer

The main duties of a Game Designer are to design the game’s direction and understand the user. You have to think about who will make the game and sell it to anyone. What kind of players do you want? After that, you start thinking about what direction the game should go. To suit the set target group of users

more details

- Keep a record of design changes and consistency of documentation.
- Coordinate with game developer and artist.
- Conceive every element of the game including rules, settings, objects, etc.
- Have good human relations and communication skills. Able to work under pressure.
- Good knowledge of game development life cycle and various topics on game design.
- Creativity and designing the world of the game, characters, storyline, visual style.
- Strong analytical mind.
Special considerations.
- Participate in launching at least 1 game while being responsible as a game designer (GameJam is included).
- Experience in using a unity engine.

Android Developer

Android Development involves working with technology. And this technology is updated and changed very often. Therefore, we need people who have to study the information. and update information to keep up with technology all the time.

more details

- Solid experience with Kotlin is a strong advantage.
- Have experience with Rest API, WebSocket, SSE, etc.
- Have experience with Unit Testing.
- Knowledge and understanding of Stock Trading.
- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/related fields or equivalent in work experience.
- Knowledge and understanding of Stock Trading.
- At least 1 year of professional experience in Android development.
- Good analytical skills and Fast learning.
- Good communication & interpersonal skills.

Video Editor

Video editor will manage material such as camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects to produce a final film or video product.

more details


- Have experience at an offline editorial house, in-house advertising agency, or in-house commercial production company.

- Collaborate and partner closely with the editor from conceptualization through to final master delivery.

- Have deep knowledge and experience both technically in the following fields: broadcast, web, and event deliverables. 

- Have an interest in new developments and innovation in video content.

- Deep experience with the following: setting up the project to the editor’s specs, handling media, pulling selects, exports, codecs, mix prep, color prep, conform prep, VFX prep, syncing footage, working with multiple source formats, cleaning up timelines.

- Understand the post-production pipeline: offline, online & conform, audio mixing, mastering, and adaptation.

- Have an understanding of devices, frame rates, aspect ratio, compression schemes, file formats, and cameras.

- Have a deep understanding of producing video and audio for various devices e.g. mobile, tablet, OOH, cinematic, etc., Along with various video platforms and best practice formats (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

- Expert in Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, Photoshop, and Adobe Audition. 

- Experience in Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer is a plus.


- Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts, or Communication Arts.

- At least 1 year of working experience in design related.

- Social media experience is a must.

- Proficiency in design software, knowledge in video editing is preferred.

- A portfolio that showcases previous work experiences.

- Have energy, drive, passion and enthusiasm to do and be the very best.

- Hard working and having a steadfast appetite to learn and you take the initiative to do so.

- Knowledge in Web Development / Photography / Video Editing will be advantage

- Organized, attentive to details and able to multitask.

- Good learning attitude, independent as well as a team player.

- Basic/Intermediate in English

Business Development


Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Business development can be taken to mean any activity by either a small or large organization, non-profit or for-profit enterprise which serves the purpose of ‘developing’ the business in some way.

more details

- Able to find and evaluate useful information related to a specific topic.
- The individual must be a confident and friendly communicator with the desire to add value at different levels within the organization.
- Lead and coordinate the execution of large scale, cross-functional, strategic projects.
- Able to engage meaningfully with international senior partner executives across banks, merchants, payments intermediaries and technology firms.
- Work with Product teams to develop the tools required for your projects’ success.
- Work with the Analytics team to develop automated reporting and systems for internal use.
- Ensure the timeline, budget, risk, quality control, and the roadmap of the project are successful.
- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any relevant field.
- Excellent communication in English in both verbal and written.
- Fast learning with open-minded attitude.
- Flexible can-do responsible attitude as well as good multi-tasking capabilities.
- Analytical, problem solving and project management skills.
- High personal integrity and professional behavior standards.

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Let’s join our team. Start your next career now.
Leave us a message, then we’ll get back to you asap!