Accountants help businesses make critical financial decisions by collecting, tracking, and correcting the company’s finances. They are responsible for financial audits, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring financial records are accurate throughout the year.

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- AP, AR, GL Administrative support as well as completing the Accounting cycle process and issuing annual financial reports ( FS, BS and Change Owner Equity).

- Manage the daily administrative task to ensure timely payment & compliance adherence.

- Tasks include filing of receipt and invoices documents, mail sorting & tracking, document archiving, retrieval of claims, and a few other miscellaneous tasks as assigned.

- Knowledge of internal control and knowledge of risk analysis that may occur both in the short and long term.

- Audit support; include retrieving documents, management of filing, and document archiving.

- Distribution/cancellation of check payments to suppliers, letters to the Bank, Direct Debit Application, etc. as & when required.

- Tax & Statutory Bases Administrative Support

- Manage the withholding tax certificate (Pnd.1, Pnd.3, Pnd.53), PP.36 and Value Added Tax (VAT) administrative task to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information before delivered to the Revenue Department.

- Record input vat from tax invoice to rely on the tax compliance and adherence to local statutory requirements and completed.

- If you have worked at Big4 before, having a license CPA, TA, CPD will be a special consideration.


- Bachelor’s Degree in related studies.

- Minimum of 1 year of Accounts Payable or Tax experience.

- SAP and Tax experience are preferred.

- Good communication & interpersonal skills.

- Attention to detail, good analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

- Ability to plan and manage time & workload to ensure all key deadlines are met.

- Open-mind to challenges; Proactive and self-motivated.

- Drive to achieve results and deliver on goals.

- Team Player with a strong sense of urgency.

- Excellent command in English - both written and spoken.

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